The Complete Resource Kit for Marriage Mentoring

What is one of the best ways to raise up and develop new leaders in the church? Mentoring. This concept is crucial to leadership development. We seem to be in a leadership dilemma as far as marriage goes. According to Barna Research, Christians are just as likely to get divorced as non Christians. What is needed is for the church to train up marriage mentors to help strengthen marriages inside & outside the church.

That is where The Complete Resource Kit for Marriage Mentoring comes in. This kit developed by Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott is a training ground for raising up marriage leaders within your church.

This tool will help you whether you are they only couple to start off mentoring or if your church will have a legion of marriage mentors. It also has helps for whether you are mentoring marriages about to begin, helping strengthening already good marriages or assembling the pieces of a nearly broken marriage.

Marriage Mentoring is when a more experienced couple invests in a less experienced couple to help them navigate the marriage journey. It is not about having it all together (no couple has everything put together), but about sharing pitfalls to avoid and avenues to pursue in marriage – from a couple that has been there & done that.

I was very excited about this curriculum as I was watching it. The steps laid down for training are definitely doable and something that is essential for the church. The kit comes with a book, The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring which has a myriad of helps and suggestions for mentors. Also involved are workbooks for both men and women mentors to work through. A DVD with 15 minute sessions is included and enhances the training as well as has promotional clips on it to show those who may be interested or to the church as a whole. Lastly, an idea book, 51 Creative Ideas for Marriage Mentors, comes inside & gives mentors multiple ways of enriching those you mentor.

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