The Beginner's Bible

Every night I read out loud a story from The Beginner's Bible to my wife's stomach. We want to inundate our child with Scripture, and we're starting early! The Beginner's Bible is for ages 6 and under and puts the Bible in short manageable stories appropriate for that age group. It has over 90 stories from the Bible and fantastic illustrations of those stories.
I must say, though, that I am a bit conflicted with it. I do not know if I am over-reacting or too sensitive to this, but much of the Bible is PG-13, if not R & these stories are more harmless than G rating. Now, I realize that you might not want to tell 3 year old the story of Lot's drunkenness, or of the Levite's concubine, or Elisha & the bear, but no David & Bathsheba, Goliath "looks cuddly like a teddy bear" (my wife's words) on the cover and only showing the feet of Jesus on the cross, seems a bit odd. I want my kid to know how much Jesus loved him/her, by dying for us. I want them to know that Mommy and Daddy only love and are with one another.
In our culture which is over-sexed and focused on self-esteem, I want our kid to have a healthy knowledge of sex and a proper view of self, to say the least. I also want to start as early as possible to instill that in them. Now, mind you, I have never raised a child before. Am I totally off-base?
Overall, this is a good start for kids to hear certain stories of the Bible. I would much rather them reading stories from the Bible than the Wiggles (those guys creep me out). There is a whole line of board books from Zondervan which have stories from the Bible with the same illustrator as The Beginner's Bible. I plan to get all of them.

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