Just Generosity

When many of the Christians I know get to talking about money, and generosity, the main outgrowth of that is tithing. In fact, in prior small groups, and youth group meetings, I have asked questions regarding giving and generosity, and not one person has talked about any other aspect of giving other than tithing. By no means do I want to discount tithing, but from reading the Scriptures, tithing is the starting point for generosity - with God and with others.
In Just Generosity: A New Vision for Overcoming Poverty in America, Ron Sider explores in depth the depth of poverty in America, the Biblical foundations for addressing the problem, lays out a detailed agenda for ending poverty in America and looks at specific areas that must be addressed in wiping out poverty. The issues which must be addressed are wages, family, health care, education, and welfare.
Mr. Sider's vision is for faith-based organizations and people to collaborate with businesses, the media, institutions of higher learning, and the government to defeat poverty in our nation. He calls us to fulfill our civic duty, thinking us all as part of a larger community.
This is a thorough work, one that will impact you regardless of your economic level. We see that God has given a mandate throughout Scripture to care for the poor and we as believers need to take that to heart. This book will be a good starting place to jump start you and your ministry in catching a vision for those trying to overcome poverty.

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