Dream is the second book by Kenny Luck, the Men's Pastor at Saddleback Church. Risk is his first book and the first book in the God's Man Series. In Risk, Mr. Luck writes about the willingness to trust God with everything. As men, we have a desire to provide security, predictability an to be able to control a certain amount of our lives. Mr. Luck writes that we need to let Jesus have all the control and throw out the concept of having a "safe" life.
Dream continues in the spirit of Risk and leads men to shape their vision away from themselves and on to God. Many times we have grand dreams of what we will do, of empires to create, of legacies to leave. Mr. Luck wants men to keep those dreams, but for the glory of God, and not ourselves. He writes that we need not throw away the vision we have - God gave us that - but to exchange for whose glory we do it, whose legacy we are leaving.
One of the best chapters in this book was "Leaking Jesus". There are some very vivid illustrations of leaking things which Mr. Luck uses (let's just say a diaper is involved), but the idea is that who we are will eventually leak out of us. What he wants for men is that we are so in tune with Jesus that when we are pressed, when the road gets tough, instead of leaking our human weakness, we leak Jesus' strength.
This is a very action oriented book, with many places for practical application as well as a workbook available to enhance your individual study or go through with your men's group.

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