Holy Conversation

The idea behind Holy Conversation is that most people learn best in community and in dialogue with others on various subjects. This study tries to balance the need postmoderns have for talking a topic through while still maintaining a faithfulness to the authority of Scripture.
Many people are frightened of sharing their faith because they feel that they need a prepared monologue to recite to others and that they need all the answers to all the questions that anyone may have. This study helps Christians relearn how to talk about our faith. Each of the twelve week studies will consider a different aspect of the gospel and how to talk about it.
Dr. Richard Peace (Fuller Seminary) wrote this 12 week study after having been asked to write a magazine article on Conversion? Conversation. Dr. Peace wanted to explore the art of Christian witness. In looking around pop culture and pop music, he noticed many people talking about spirituality. Who better for them to talk with than Christians? But he saw the problem being that Christians felt they needed to spew out a litany of words so the other cannot get a question or shoot down an "argument."
Holy Conversation guides participants through the art of meaningful conversation on spiritual matters. People are hungry when it comes to spiritual matters, and Christians can learn how to guide conversations to holy matters, to discuss intelligently with others issues of belief and help them see Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Whether Dr. Preace was intentional about it or not, each study is laid out in that manner - Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life. The first segment of each study helps participants share their life. How they live this Jesus life. The next segment delves into the truth of Jesus, what He said, what Scripture says about him. The last segment provides practical application to the journey we find ourselves on.

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