The Organic God

The Organic God is part autobiography, part theology and all enjoyable. Margaret Feinberg walks readers through the various stages of her life in her telling about ten attributes of God. Her desire was to get to the root of God, to strip away any pretense, remove any unhealthy filters and see God for who he truly is, naturally. How does she come to this vision of God? Through the Scriptures.
Ms. Feinberg had felt flat in her spiritual life, disconnected from God. "I was tired of hearing what everyone else said about God. I wanted to know him for myself." She figured the best place to start was the Bible and started going through the entire NT and portions of the OT filling dozens of notebooks with her thoughts. This book is the outgrowth of those notebooks.
This book is quite readable, surprisingly deep for the easy conversational style with which she writes and one that I would recommend to any who wish to get closer to their God.
My favorite chapter was the one on the beauty of God - Breathtakingly Beautiful. Ms. Feinberg says that there is something intrinsic about us that is drawn to beauty. And God is more beautiful than anything else ever. The question she asks is a great one to think about-
What do you love about Jesus?