The Justice Mission (Curriculum Kit)

"This is the story that Youth Specialties has rendered so powerfully and well in The Justice Mission. Through the youth leaders who use it, this promises to be the broadest and most powerful introduction to the biblical God of Justice that the American church has ever experienced. And it does so by bringing the call of justice to the young people who will form the future of the most powerful nation on earth. The God of history is on the move, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."
- Gary Haugen, President of International Justice Mission (from the forward of the leader's guide)

I first heard about International Justice Mission (IJM) at Saddleback Church. I had attended the Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry Conference & my wife and I stayed for a weekend service. Mr. Haugen spoke that weekend and told about the work that he does with IJM. In a nutshell, IJM works through legal channels to stop injustice in the poorest of countries, whether by closing down teenage and prepubescent brothels, helping peasants pay of loans (some as low as $3) which have forced them and their children into years of forced manual labor, or other such injustices.
We picked up his book after the service, The Good News About Injustce, (which I have previously reviewed) and I found it tragic yet hopeful - because even in the darkness of such pain and perversion, God cares and God is not silent. This curriculum helps teens see that there is injustice, where it stems from, and what they can do about it.
This is not a lecture driven or teacher-centered curriculum. It is based on short, thought-provoking videos, brainstorming, ideas, surveys, and questions. There are reproducible worksheets that students can put their thoughts on and reproducible journal pages which help students dig deeper into Scripture and their own thoughts on the topics.

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