Courageous Leadership

As promised…a review of Courageous Leadership.

This book is a must have resource. Although Mr. Hybels is a pastor, Courageous Leadership is a book for any leader or future leader, in any station in life. Mr. Hybels talks about Team-building, vision casting, decision making & resource challenges. It touches on many, if not all, aspects a leader must be aware of & manage.

There is no way I can do this book justice in talking about it. You have to read it for yourself. However, I want to discuss two chapters. The first is on the 360 degree leader & the second is on the vital walk with God.

Mr. Hybels uses the illustration of the compass throughout the book. As leaders, we must lead the compass. We lead those in every direction – below us, equal to us, above us, & most importantly in the center, ourselves. Mr. Hybels quotes Dee Hock who says, “It is management of self that should occupy 50% of our time & the best of our ability.” This self-leadership involves Socrates famous quote of “Know Thyself.” We must be keenly aware of our strengths, limits & weaknesses. He then has 10 questions which the leader must regularly ask himself to be a good leader of self.
1. Is my calling sure?
2. Is my vision clear?
3. Is my passion hot?
4. Am I developing my gifts?
5. Is my character submitted to Christ?
6. Is my pride subdued?
7. Am I overcoming fear?
8. Are interior issues undermining my leadership?
9. Is my pace sustainable?
10. Is my love for God & people increasing?

In talking about the leader’s vital walk with God, Mr. Hybels talks about something that must be in place for all of the other leadership qualities & characteristics to be maximized to their fullest potential. God will energize us with everything we need for leading if we, as Jesus says in John 15, “Abide in Him.” Mr. Hybels then goes into different pathways we can take to keep close with God, based on how God designed us. He borrows these ideas from a book called Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas. The long & short of it is that each of us are programmed in certain ways to worship & build relationship with God in specific & different ways.

Please read this book. I cannot stress this more. This book should be next in your queue of books.

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