The Ten Indicators Equipping Guide

The Ten Indicators Equipping Guide is a church health resource. It is designed to be a companion to the Church Health Survey (also by Mr. Fann). The Church Health Survey helps you see the various aspects of your church & be able to gauge how well you perform in each category. The Ten Indicators are those categories measured in the Church Health Survey & explained in depth.
The Ten Indicators also includes a discussion guide to be used in a church leadership or ministry team setting. It is broad enough to be used for the church as a whole, but can also be used by individual ministries. It is an essential resource for churches wanting to be healthy & mature.
In your church (or ministry area) you may be doing well in some areas, pretty good in a few & poorly in one or two. This guide will show you the significance of all Biblical indicators of a mature & healthy church & help you develop an action plan to bring every area up to par so you are a fully functioning healthy church.
There are other church health books, guides & strategies out there (Natural Church Development, 9 Marks, etc.), so why should you measure yourself by the Ten Indicators?

The Ten Indicators is a unique blend of application & implementation. Every indicator is backed by Scripture & laid out for group discussion. It interacts with other models of church health & offers resource suggestions for each individual indicator.
“The goal is not to master all the content in the Ten Indicators Equipping Guide. The goal is for your congregation to achieve & sustain a greater level of church health.”

You can get this excellent resource here.

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