It Came From Within!

I am an Andy Stanley junkie. I love his writing. Some of the better books of his I have read are The Best Question Ever, The 7 Practices of Effective Ministry, & The Next Generation Leader. The Next Generation Leader is one of the better books I have read in my life. This new book by Mr. Stanley will go down as one of my favorites as well. Whereas most of his current writing deals with ministry specific issues, It Came From Within! is similar to The Best Question Ever, in dealing with crucial issues which everyone face.
The subtitle of this book is "The shocking truth of what lurks in the heart." Mr. Stanley deals with 4 vices which are at the heart of practically every person alive. He uses a monster motif to tie everything all together, quoting old 1950's movie lines which apply to the matter at hand.
He deals with Anger, Greed, Guilt & Jealousy. These four vices, Mr. Stanley says, are at the heart of most of our motivations, actions & behaviors. He also suggests that while most of us are into behavior modification (ie, changing our actions to meet others as well as our own expectations), we should be more interested in digging deeper to the root issues. Instead of just changing behaviors, we need to transform our motivations & attitudes. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Kinda what Jesus was getting at?
Mr. Stanley interacts well with Scripture, uses personal stories & gives concrete application through the book. This is a book I would recommend to every person. Pick this book up here today!

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dewde said...

I, too, am an Andy Stanley junky. Not only that but I get to see him preach live almost every sunday which pretty much rocks.

This book is on par or better than previous books by him. My favorite is still Louder Than Words, but then again I am a sucker for books about character.