A Place Called Surrender

I was sick; the 150 copies of A Place Called Surrender were to have been delivered to my customer yesterday and they were not going to be there by the deadline. What now? He wanted to know if it possible to send another 150 copies to him today to ensure that they arrive by that afternoon or early the next day. “ He was willing to keep the 150 copies that were in transit and buy another 150 copies, plus whatever postage it would take to give these books as a gift! Wow,” I thought “this must be a very powerful book. I felt intrigued and picked up a copy. Dan Roelolf's book is a tiny book with a huge impact.
He candidly takes us with him on his journey through life and death with cancer. I was touched by the honesty and the insight into this journey. He was very much aware of the gift of this dreaded prognoses and how it truly caused him to come to a place of total surrender. The very place we all long to be. There are some wonderful quotes like this one from C.S. Lewis "“We don'’t doubt that God has His best in store for us: we fear how painful His best might be."” God'’s powerful word comes alive in this life and death struggle. The journal entries are so insightful into the world of a terminal patient, Dan writes, "Thank You for calling me you “beloved”. Thank You for the trial of cancer that has shown me that you are enough for joy. Your power and love are so great that not even cancer can remove the joy from my life. Thank You for communicating Your heart to me through Your Word. You are a powerful Savior. To walk with You has been the greatest adventure of my life."” It is touching to see how God used Dan and his family in a mighty way through this struggle. It is even more of a testimony to see how God continues to use Dan in his death. This is a book I would pass on to anyone who may be struggling with a terminal illness or as Dan would say the ultimate terminal illness, separation from God by our sinful nature. For either state we all need to come to that place called surrender.
That afternoon after I had finished the book my own teenage daughter came home complaining about the dark turns her day had taken, I told her if she needed to find a little different perspective she should read this book. It is a book that will keep on bringing to life God's truth through Dan'’s battle. And yes the books did arrive on time and this too is a testimony of God's grace.

This review was written by Carol Anderson who has worked with NextStep Resources Since October 2005. You can purchase this book here. (no need to buy 150 at a time though!)

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