Just Walk Across the Room

Just Walk Across the Room is more than just a book on personal evangelism. It is a resource which can open you up to greater availability for the Spirit of God to lead you. Mr Hybels lays out a plan which is designed to help you follow the Spirit's leading as you speak with those you come into contact with.
Mr. Hybels starts off by telling a few stories of how people who were open to God's leading "walked across the room" & began a conversation with someone who may initially have been out of the Comfort Zone. These conversations then sometimes led to deeper spiritual issues, & sometimes they just led to a potential lasting relationship. Then
Mr. Hybels shares the philosophy which the Willow Creek staff developed regarding this.

First, Develop Friendships.
Second, Discover Stories
Last, Discern Next Steps

He then talks about the "power of story". The importance of this stage is great. He says that we should be able to share our story of why we are a Christ follower & the change it has made in our lives in 45-60 seconds.
One of the best thought which I grasped from this work is the concept of knowing the role which God has for you in any given situation - & be willing to accept that role. Maybe you won't lead this person to "pray to accept Jesus", you will not even explain the Gospel to them. Maybe you will show them that a Christian is a person who is loving & real & grace-filled. No longer must we feel guilt because we didn't "walk them down the Romans Road" or have them "pray the sinners prayer". God has a plan for each person & we need only to play the specific role He has for us. No more, no less.
A few years back, I heard Mr. Hybels speaking & he gave this translation of Hebrews 12 which has stuck with me (but have never been able to find which translation it is - maybe it's just his own).
"Since we have such a huge crowd of men of faith watching us from the grandstands, let us strip away whatever is holding us back, especially that sin which clings so tightly to our feet & run the particular race which God has set before us."
Running the particular race which God has set before us is the message which Mr. Hybels also wishes to communicate to the reader here.

Also available with this book is the Curriculum Kit which includes a DVD, a CD-ROM, a copy of the hardcover book & a participant guide. This is designed for a small group to go through & would also be well used in a similar fashion as "The Purpose Driven Life" was used for whole congregations years ago. The DVD has segments to be used in the small group settings as well as spots to be used to gear people up for a whole church campaign. The CD-ROM has sermon outlines, talking points & transcripts as well as a message to leaders as to the importance of this message which Mr. Hybels lays forth in the book. The book itself has study questions at the end of each chapter, so it can be used in a book discussion group as well, if you do not want to go for the full curriculum.

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