Catalyst Groupzine - Challenge the Process

The Catalyst GroupZine is a study for individuals and teams who are ready to step up to the challenge of engaging and equipping the next generation of leaders. It is best suited & designed to be used in a group setting (hence, the "Groupzine"). Contributors include: Andy Stanley, Don Miller, Brian McLaren, David Crowder, Lauren Winner, Erwin Raphael McManus, John Maxwell & many other leaders.
Inside this Groupzine are around 30 articles, 6 group studies, book reviews & a number of true stories. The overall thesis of the work is "Challenge the Process". Andy Stanley writes on keys to successful change.
The idea is that you get a group of leaders together, each go through a study in the book on their own, then the group reconvenes together & discusses the ideas & issues within the study.

Catalyst exists to ignite passion for Christ and develop leadership potential in the next generation, equipping them to engage and impact their world. In 2000, Catalyst was birthed by a handful of young leaders at INJOY and North Point Community Church who imagined a new experience-a leadership awakening that would raise up Next Generation Leaders to revolutionize their culture. What began as only a vision quickly caught fire, and over the past six years, 35,000 young leaders have gathered for the annual Catalyst Conference.

Today, Catalyst is more than a conference-it is an innovative and organic community of young leaders living out five fundamental elements that we believe are critical to having AUTHENTIC INFLUENCE. A Catalyst Leader is:
-Uncompromising in their Integrity
-Passionate about God
-Intentional about Community
-Courageous about their Calling
-Engaged in Culture.

Dedicated to cultivating and connecting these Next Generation Leaders, Catalyst continually provides relevant training and cutting-edge resources to maximize their influence.

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Check out the Catalyst Conference site here.

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