Confessions of a Pastor

I cannot get enough of this guy. I thoroughly enjoy Craig Groeschel’s ministry, writing & thinking. He is one of the most real writers you will ever come across & also has a gift for turning struggles & failures into opportunities for growth.

I tell everyone I meet, practically, about the great work that was Mr. Groeschel’s first book, Chazown. That book is one of the best books for people to go through, especially regarding discovering how God has wired you.

Confessions of a Pastor is simply a must read. Craig Groeschel is tired of being phony & desires personal integrity in his own life & hopes that his readers do as well. In this book, Mr. Groeschel lists a number of struggles & temptations which he has that may be true of most Christians, but dangerous to admit. If we were truly honest with ourselves, we could say the same things – Mr. Groeschel just does it in a public manner, for all to see.

This is not some kind of “tell-all” book that you would see on Behind the Music or the E True Hollywood Story. Confessions of a Pastor shows the shortcomings of an honest Christ-follower & how God has worked in his life & what we can do to gain victory over these struggles as well.

Rather than calling on everyone to confess before the whole church, Groeschel asks readers to “do what God requires,” whatever that may be. Confessions of a Pastor is a necessary book for the Church to hear. Authenticity is something that we must all strive for. People will not care for what we have to say, if we are not real in who we are.

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