2007 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff

Have you ever wondered if your salary, or your employees' salaries, was competitive when compared to other ministry organizations and churches? Now there's a resource with solid answers to help you know for sure. Based on an extensive national research campaign, The 2007 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff provides an in-depth analysis of the results gathered from thousands of church workers just like you, from across a broad spectrum of denominations. You'll find part-time and full-time compensation breakdowns according to church size, budget and geographical setting. Personal factors such as years employed, gender, and educational training are also taken into account.

The 2007 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff provides a comprehensive analysis of compensation practices to help you determine: base salary, average salary increase, housing & parsonage allowance, health insurance, retirement contributions, life insurance, employee vs. self-employed, continuing education, paid vacation, and much more!

Compare compensation profiles for 12 key church positions across the board, including: solo pastor, senior pastor, associate pastor, adult ministry director, youth pastor, children/preschool director, organist, administrator, bookkeeper, secretary, and custodian!

If you’ve ever had questions or needed guidance when it comes to the compensation planning for your church staff, this is the right resource. The Compensation Handbook was developed to provide church leaders & employees with a current & reliable picture of compensation practices across a broad spectrum of American churches. It presents surveys data from nearly 1300 churches representing approximately 6600 staff members. The Compensation Handbook can help you to:

- Determine appropriate compensation levels for 11 key pastoral, professional, & support staff positions
- Develop effective compensation packages – guidelines are given in the Special Section of this handbook to help you create a package which will maximize net income while remaining in compliance with federal tax laws
- Provide church workers with a statistical framework for evaluating their present compensation package – comparisons can be made regarding church size, budget, setting, & other important variables
- Develop an objective standard for evaluating requests for raises & changes in benefits
- Assist denominational offices & other ecclesiastical organizations in promoting equitable & fair compensation practices within their churches
- Better understand the nature of church compensation planning

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