The Bible in 90 Days

About a year ago, we received in material concerning the Bible in 90 Days. This is a kit that guides the participant to read the entire Bible in three months. The kit includes a thinline Bible which is marked when to start & when to stop each day (NIV); a participant’s guide for the small group study, three DVD’s with the small group teaching on them & a CD-Rom with promo material on them. You can get the Bibles & the participant’s guides separately.
The idea is to get your church, small group or even family reading the Bible each day & you can do it in 90 days. The corresponding teaching from the DVD’s & the discussion from the small group study re-enforces the reading from each day.
This is the reason which the publishers give for creating this resource –
“An estimated 75 million adults (42%) say that reading the Bible is very important to them” (The Barna Group), but “less than 50% of Americans can name the first book of the Bible” (Gallup).
The creator of this concept, Ted Cooper, was an agnostic who read the Bible straight through in three months. In that time, he dedicated his life to Christ & wants to now share that experience with others.
The DVD teaching includes talks from John Walton (professor at Wheaton Grad School), Mark Strauss (professor at Bethel Seminary), Jack Modesett (chairman of the board for Christianity Today) & Ted Cooper. These 14 sessions take your group through your reading each week & re-enforce it in your mind.

How much reading is this? 12 pages a day (which is the equivalent to reading the USA Today each morning)

What helps do I have? A small group, entire church, Sunday school class, family, whatever group you do this in community with.

I feel that this is a bit too zealous for the average Christian. It seems hard enough for us to read through the Bible in a year, let alone 3 months. I do like the idea of having the accountability in place through the 90 days. In my mind, that is the only way that a majority of people would actually make it through. So my recommendation would be (if this program interests you) that you get as large a group of people from your church, or have a church-wide campaign to do this. Whether every small group goes through the program, your whole adult Sunday school class, or your whole church, with larger numbers of people involved, their would be larger accountability.

For more information, or to pick up a kit, visit NSR

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