The Deity Formerly Known as God

Recapturing the spirit of J. B. Phillip's classic, Your God Is Too Small, and writing to his postmodern generation, Jarrett Stevens carefully sorts through twelve different views of God - —six destructive views (i.e. talent show host or a sweet old man) and six constructive views, (i.e. green-thumbed gardener or a equal opportunity employer).

He writes that there is a desperate need to realign our images of God with the truth found in the Bible. The Deity Formerly Known as God helps readers wade through both the destructive images created from our life experiences and the constructive images shown in Scripture.

Stevens, like many Christ-followers, desires to truly know and experience the living God. Warped and "“out-in-left field" images of the Almighty formed over the years have clouded and confused our vision. Today, man is overwhelmed with assumptions and misconceptions about God. Simply stated by C.S. Lewis, "“I don'’t want my idea of God. I want God!"

One of Stevens'’ most poignant comments states, "“We have found ways of making almost everything around us somehow about us. So it should come as no surprise that we would even find a way to customize God."” This convicted and moved me to seek forgiveness!

Even though the author's heart is for the emergent culture and mindset, I was also challenged by his words. Challenged enough, as a "“Boomer"”, to begin exploring the Word in greater depth, making sure my “images of God were found in the Bible.

Seeking the images straight from Jesus' teachings, Stevens invites the reader into a new experience with the true and living God. DonĂ‚’t hesitate to pick up a copy for yourself and a Christmas gift!

This review was submitted by Dale Lewis who works at the EFCA & attends Hope Church in Oakdale, MN.

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