In his newest book, the author’s personal stories are blended with online conversations, short interviews and Scripture in this eclectic perspective on the Beatitudes. Turner is not afraid to expose his own shortcomings as well as the lessons he’s learning from the God of grace. The Beatitudes have become more than just another portion of Scripture memorized and recited as a part of his faith walk. Turner is candidly transparent and conversationally straight forward about the challenges of living up to the standard set in Matthew 5 with the Beatitudes. He reflects on his days growing up within a legalistic church, sharing how that experience slowed the progress of his faith journey.

The chapter on love was, by far, one of the best I have read on the subject. It is relevant and full of practical application from the Beatitudes. Written as a reflection of his heart and life, it is not a formula-based manual. In his last chapter, he sums up the reason he desires relearning Jesus: “Why do I pursue this? Because I long for my faith experience to leave me feeling what I felt when I saw that one-dollar bill suddenly become a twenty: amazed by the magic, left in disbelief when Jesus uses me, and embarrassed every time I miss an opportunity.”

In the past few months, I’ve read with great earnest contemporary authors like Steven James, Jarrett Stevens, and Craig Groeschel. Like the others, Matthew Paul Turner is certainly one of Christianity’s refreshing voices. I will continue to read and reflect on his musings while looking for the magic.

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Review by Dale Lewis, of Hope EFC in Oakdale, MN

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