Sex God

Sex. God. What?

Be honest here for a moment: when you think about sex or God, chances are you’re not thinking about them at the same time, let alone relating to one another.

As created human beings, we know the two subjects are interconnected; we just don't have the right words to communicate how they’re related. Enter Rob Bell, author of Velvet Elvis, who says, “To make sense of the one, we have to explore the other.” Seems simple enough to agree with and understand but it’s not. It’s something deeper about how we were made to relate to each other, which inevitably leads to our Creator.

With chapter titles such as "God Wears Lipstick," "Leather, Whips, and Fruit," and "Whoopee Forever," Bell’s conversational style will appeal to young and old, single, dating, married or celibate. He shares common sense painted with a different paintbrush. His chapter “Worth Dying For” was one of my favorites. With the Spirit moving, it softened my hardened heart and attitude. I’ll share this chapter’s information with the two women in my life, (my wife and daughter).

Also “Under the Chuppah” was a close second as he shared his knowledge of the Jewish wedding traditions and how marriage today is not as sacredly observed. He did catch me off-guard several times, but his dissertation on God and our environment surprised me the most. It wasn’t out of place, but I felt it was too long and he was definitely on his soapbox. As always, his endnotes are full and flowing over with tidbits to enhance the learning experience.

What do sex and God really have to do with each other? That is what this book is about.

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posted by Dale Lewis

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