When God Lets You Down

With refreshing and courageous candor, Pastor Alex Gee doesn’t offer the easy answers as he searches for hope. With everything within him, he asks and attempts to answer, “Why do we still experience pain when we are "good" and follow God?”

The author openly shares his story of the loss of two daughters - and the near loss of a third - at birth. His writing is transparent, authentic, and life-giving (like few other texts I've ever read). He hurts deeply and most people who read his story will want to reach out and help ease his pain. Yet the author encourages the reader to walk through this journey of the hard questions asked by a grieving father. He freely admits he doesn’t "have all the answers," which is refreshing.

It is a Godly man’s approach to life’s grit. His disappointment when he doesn’t receive the answers he wants to his prayers is evident as he pushes God away at first. You will never read such emotional prose — yet there’s never a hint of whining or self-righteous entitlement in his words. Audacious and unjustified hope are the overwhelming themes woven into When God Lets You Down.

One of the most convicting quotes for me was “Some of us believe that Jesus lived and died just to endorse the spiritualization of the American Dream.” I’m still trying to process it. The last chapter is a letter of apology and release to his two girls, Victoria and Alexis. You will be moved to tears of both joy and sadness. I recommend it highly and will give it as a gift to others who are hurting and questioning God!

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