Resurrection - DVD

Without the resurrection, what good would the Christian faith be? Tom Wright looks at this question and shows why he believes the resurrection is an actual historical event and not a story created by Jesus' followers in his DVD study, Resurrection. Dr. Wright explores belief in the afterlife from the perspective of the ancient world (Greeks & Romans) as well as from the belief of the Jewish people. The DVD is broken up into four segments which can be viewed in one showing (50 minutes) or in four 10-15 minutes sessions. Each segment has discussion questions for group study in the liner notes & helps participants dig not only into the minds of the people on the biblical text & ancient world, but also in the mind of our society today.
Dr. Wright explores Jesus' treatment of his upcoming resurrection within the gospels and what the disciples may have understood from him & his teaching. Dr. Wright also looks into the huge significance that the resurrection has for the Christian faith, contending that without it, our faith is without hope.
This is an interesting study. I have read much of Dr. Wright's work & in this treatment, he says nothing new or earth shattering. But for people who are not familiar with the arguments for the bodily resurrection of Jesus & why it can be believed as true, this would be a great start. For those with a lot of time & a scholarly treatment of the resurrection, I recommend checking out Dr. Wright's Resurrection of the Son of God.

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