Battling Unbelief - DVD

Battling Unbelief is a 12 session study which takes the participant through John Piper's book Future Grace. Dr. Piper teaches a seminar for people who attend his church, Bethlehem Baptist, taking them through the material. He is up on stage guiding them through a series of fill-in-the-blank type notes by speaking to them & through the use of an overhead projector. There is nothing flashy or fancy about this production, but the material itself is first rate.
The DVD sessions are about 20 minutes long each and lead the participant through the foundations of future grace and the practical outcome of future grace. "Living By Faith in Future Grace Highlights and Magnifies the Glorious All-Sufficiency of God and so Expresses Our Passion for the Supremacy of God in All Things (By Faith in His Grace, We Get the Help, He Gets the Glory)."
The book, Battling Unbelief, excerpts the practical application (8 chapters) from the original book Future Grace, with the though that people move more readily from application to foundation than the other way around.
Also available is the companion study guide which offers notes for the weekly study with the group as well as daily studies for the individual to prepare for the upcoming group lesson. There are options for conducting the study over the course of 12 weeks, six weeks or an intensive weekend seminar.
If you would like to see the notes and outline from the Bethlehem Baptist seminar, The Pursuit of Holiness in Life and Ministry, visit Desiring God.

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