The Big Idea

The leaders at Community Christian Church in Naperville, Il felt that people in their church were literally getting pummeled with information. Every week, families would be learning different topics and subjects - all of which centered around Scripture, but all usually different. From toddlers learning about Daniel in the lion's den, to elementary students studying the sermon on the mount, to teens being taught about purity, to adults digging into the doctrines of Romans, everyone was getting different information - and that was before the main service even began.
The leaders saw that people could leave with a dozen or more various bites of information and conflicting ideas. So they decided to boil everything down into one Big Idea. What is the one thing that you would like your people to get, understand or do? That is the Big Idea which you should spread across the board in every level of ministry. This way all members of the church and family are on the same page and also can continue the conversation after the service.
This is an across the board concept your church can use with preaching, Sunday school, children's second hour, small groups, and any other ministry your church has. The authors are trying to help your church become "communities of transformation, not information."
You can pick up the book, The Big Idea, at for 20% off and also be sure to check out or subscribe to the podcast the authors do. also called, The Big Idea.

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