Bringing Up Boys Kit

When I was associate pastor in California, one of the Sunday School classes for adults went through Dr. Dobson's Bringing Up Boys curriculum. I was not in on that, because I taught my own class & did not have any plans of having children in the near future. All the parents in that class raved about this seminar & so I recently decided to view it for myself.
The seminar is 12 sessions ranging from 35 to 70 minutes each and is based on Dr. Dobson's popular book of the same title. How the course works is when you meet, the group starts off with some pertinent icebreaker questions (provided) which tie in that segment's teaching. You then watch the video, which is Dr. Dobson leading the seminar for a large group at the Focus on the Family Headquarters in Colorado Springs. Dr. Dobson is a great communicator (this was the first I had heard him speak). He engages the listener with story and has many wise things to say. Then the group talks through the sessions together and discusses some of the teaching and how it relates to their own situations. There is also different questions for parents of elementary, preschool & adolescent boys.
Dr. Dobson's premise is that boys are a world apart than girls, & raising them takes on completely different strategies. He stresses the point that fathers are of vital importance to the upbringing of boys and that one major factors in the reason boys go wrong is the absence of a dad.
Also, Dr. Dobson points out the fact that some dads do not know how to relate to their boys because they are different from them (don't get into the same things, maybe more sensitive, etc.) and so they subtly disconnect. This has tremendous implications for how boys develop.
This seminar is very well done and I would recommend it to any parent of boys.

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