How to Treat a Staff Infection

Staffing, whether in a business or church, is no easy task. I have been a staff member in both scenarios and both as tricky in various ways. I have found that churches are generally more tentative in hiring (sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not) and that in both paid and volunteer staff at churches, there is a good deal of turnover.
In their new book, How to Treat a Staff Infection, Dr. Craig Williford (president of Denver Seminary) & his wife use a medical metaphor to help churches handle any staff issues which may come up. And as in actual medicine, preventative measures are very important in side-stepping potential problems before they arise.
Just as each person has different tolerances for pain, different allergies, and different physical make-ups, each church is equally as diverse. So, instead of giving step-by-step directions on how to handle staff issues, Dr. Williford shares stories from his own experience and offers guidance and general principles to help your unique situation.
Dr. Williford makes the point that if you have not had staff issues, you will. Every church will face them (even Jesus among his disciples!). This book offers sound advice for those who would like to either be preventative or need help in an emergency.
One of the most helpful chapters was on "bedside manner". This chapter discusses the ways to appreciate your staff (and have them know they are appreciated). I have been in positions where I know I am appreciated (where I am currently) as well as places where I wasn't sure.
Letting your staff know they are doing a good job and that you feel they are an important part to the ministry and vision God has given you is so helpful to those hearing it. As you know, ministry can sometimes feel like a job & people wear you down. Hearing that you are appreciated is definitely a huge boost to your morale.

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