Becoming a Contagious Christian - Kit (Revised)

The Becoming a Contagious Christian Curriculum Kit has recently been revised. It is an extensive evangelism training course. What's new? Pretty much everything. I have not seen the original curriculum, but in talking with the folks at Zondervan, it is pretty much a new course. The same basics are there, but this revised edition has been completely overhauled from the last. The one thing that has not changed is the actual Becoming a Contagious Christian book (except for cover design - other than that, everything is the same).
The sessions have been pared down from eight to six sessions and have completely new teachings and drama presentations. The old kit came with overhead projector sheets, this revised edition comes with a PowerPoint presentation CD ROM (also on the CD are sermon transcripts, promotional materials for a church-wide campaign, and other campaign goodies). Another item included in the revised kit which was not included in the old is a copy of the Becoming a Contagious Christian trade paper book. Both the Leader's Guide and Participant's Guide are significantly different (and the PG has numerous assessments and such which each person will want to have).
So that is what is different. If you have not used this course before, what is it about?
This is a full blown course on evangelism. Lee Strobel & Mark Mittleberg teach participants on contagious Christianity (Bill Hybels also helped develop the curriculum also, he just doesn't lend himself to the teaching). By using this training course, participants will be able to discover their own style of communicating about Christ, learn how to direct conversations toward matters of faith, and develop more openness in sharing their own story about coming to Jesus.
The aspect that struck me with this resource is the intensive nature of it. Many curriculum kits (evangelism ones included) are very simple so that most anyone could lead it (making it easy for small group leaders who might consider themselves more facilitators). This course is just that - an evangelism course. I would only recommend seasoned leaders leading this course. There are different options for putting on the course - 6, once a week sessions, or two day seminar.
Leading this course will prove to be intensive & complex, but participating will only be intensive. Being a participant will help you answer some questions about your faith and going through it is very straight-forward. The intensive part is that this is not a surface study. This gets right into the basics and the depths of spreading the gospel and sharing your faith.

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