The Top Five....Books on Scripture

I recently asked Greg Strand, Director of Biblical Theology and Credentialing at the EFCA, about books he would recommend in certain subjects. Having just read the book, Listening to the Beliefs of Emerging Churches, in which the authors were asked to talk about Scripture, Trinity and the Atonement, I asked Dr. Strand for the best (in print) books on those topics. Today I want to share with you the top books he gave me on Scripture. In no particular order...

1. Standing on the Rock, James Montgomery Boice. Boice presents evidence that not only has God spoken through His Word, but He has a trustworthy and authoritative message. This updated revision of Standing On The Rock includes a new chapter on the Bible's sufficiency in meeting our society's psychological, social, and spiritual needs. This timely book provides the answers you need to be an effective witness and is also an essential guide for seekers and new believers.

2. Scripture and Truth, D.A. Carson & John D. Woodbridge, editors. In this book, various theologians who defend biblical inerrancy look at issues that have been raised by contemporary scholars. They define and analyze what Christians mean when they say Scripture is truth.

3. Hermeneutics, Authority, and Canon, D.A. Carson & John D. Woodbridge, editors. "These thought-minded essays are the channel through which conservative scholars must steer for competent interaction with current critical theories, for helpful direction in focusing the battle over Scripture, and for reflection of conflict areas that Evangelicals must themselves resolve. This work rises above the shallow shadow-boxing over inerrancy and engages central concerns with academic ability and dignity. It puts on the agenda issues that Evangelical leaders must now wrestle: Does the Bible contain different kinds of truth? Is all divine revelation rational? Is the canon really post-apostolic? No reader will agree with all that is said; some will loudly disagree here and there. But all students will be stimulated and serious readers edified at the frontiers of current debate."
Carl F. H. Henry

4. Nothing But the Truth, Brian H. Edwards. "The battle for the Bible continues. Liberal scholarship and sceptics continue to cast doubt upon the authenticity of all Scripture and its inerrancy. Here is a book rich enough in content to stir the minds and hearts of all who love the Bible and at the same time clear enough for all to understand the arguments so powerfully presented for the full and final authority of Scripture. The Christian church needs this updated version of Brian Edwards’ excellent Nothing but the truth. The Bible is its own defence, but books like this one are enough to confirm the faith of God’s people that it is what it says it is, God-breathed from beginning to end. I heartily commend it." — Martin Holdt, Pastor of Constantia Park Baptist Church, Pretoria, South Africa

5. The Revelation of God, Contours of Christian Theology Series, Peter Jensen. Peter Jensen examines the role of the Bible in divine revelation, beginning from biblical categories of the knowledge of God and the gospel. He sets out to define the Gospel in the first part of the book by looking at the work of Christ in a redemptive-historical and soteriological fashion. He concludes by stating that the Gospel, therefore, is revelation because in it God's Kingdom-establishing project is revealed.

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