Interested in knowing what the premise of some great books is, but not wanting to take the time away from studying and preparing for preaching? I have just come across a website which might interest you. From the family of Wikipedia, is WikiSummaries. On this site are 125 book summaries (51 in English). These summaries are chapter by chapter descriptions of the book. Some of the best sellers of the past year are on here:
The World is Flat
The Tipping Point
Good to Great
The Kite Runner

I have read all these except Good to Great. After reading through the summaries, I feel they represent the best of what the book has to offer. This site is a Cliff Notes type website. For busy pastors who need to keep up with theology, commentaries, and other ministry related books, this site has the potential to help keep you informed about some of the other books you wish you had time to read, but cannot find the time, or justify. I would add that all of them are worth the read (that is, all the ones I mentioned above), and would recommend each of them.

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