"When one merges the definition of racism, which is negative, with the definition of grace, which is positive, a new term emerges - gracism. I define gracism as the positive extension of favor on other humans based on color, class or culture."

Dr. David Anderson planted Bridgeway Community Church and is passionate about multicultural ministry and racial reconciliation. In Gracism, he takes 1 Corinthians 12.23 - The parts that we think are less honorable we treat with special honor - and looks at it in regards to his passions. Dr. Anderson dives into 1 Corinthians 12 and identifies specific behaviors that can help readers live like gracists. He picks out seven phrases from the chapter, exploring them and then offers suggestions how how to make them daily practices.

This book lends itself to group discussion as well as personal reflection. At the end of each chapter are "Reflection Questions" which help you go deeper in your understanding of becoming a gracist.

The Seven Sayings of a Gracist:
  1. "Special Honor" - lifting up the humble among us. I will lift you up.
  2. "Special Modesty" - protection the most vulnerable among us from embarrassment. I will cover you.
  3. "No Special Treatment" - refusing to accept special treatment if it is at the detriment of others who need it. I will share with you.
  4. "Greater Honor" - God, as a gracist, has given greater honor to the humble. I will honor you.
  5. "No Division" - when the majority helps the minoroty, and the stronger help the weaker, it keeps us from division within the body. I will stand with you.
  6. "Equal Concern" - having a heart as big for our neighbors as we do for ourselves. I will consider you.
  7. "Rejoices With" - when the humble, or less honorable, are helped, we are to rejoice with them. I will celebrate with you.

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