My First Message

Designed to encourage parent-child interaction, My First Message is a great devotional Bible for kids. It features phenomonal artwork (drawn by former Disney animators & animators from VeggieTales), is easily understandable (from Eugene Peterson's The Message), and helps little readers think about the stories in the Bible for themselves.
I am not a little jealous that this Bible was not around when I was little. I am so excited for my child to be able to use it though (it will be a while, the age range is for kids 4-8). Of the many features I like about it, some of the great distinctions it has with other kid's Bibles I've seen are:
  • It does not gloss over the crucifixion - multiple pictures of Jesus on the cross and even carrying his cross. Many others either show only his feet while on the cross while telling the redemption story
  • Equal pages given to both Old and New Testaments - many others tell more of the Old Testament stories and Jesus' life, but leave the rest of the NT letters alone
  • It tells the story of Jesus driving out the money-changers from the temple. I think it is good for kids not to see only a "cuddly" Jesus, but a real portrait of his life & ministry.
I am very excited about this book and highly recommend it for parents and children's workers alike.

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