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Where does your anger lead you? Do you use your anger to bring peace to the world, or chaos? This is the subject of the latest Nooma project, Store. Rob Bell discusses Jesus' anger, our anger and the differences between the two most times.
Anger is merely a God-given emotion which we have the choice to use to help the world or increase the brokenness. Mr. Bell says that some people are looking for a fight because they are not in one.
This is one of the most thought-provoking of all the nooma DVD's for me. I have struggled with anger most of my life and have only recently decided to even try to do anything about it. Not only does most of my anger cause me to sin, it counteracts what good I can do with that anger. I would whole-heartedly agree with Mr. Bell that many people (myself included) are looking for a fight because they are not in one.

Good companions to this are Bill Hybels new book, Holy Discontent, which discusses what makes you righteously angry and how to turn that into ministry, and Chazown, by Craig Groeschel, which helps people find their God-given vision for their lives by way of a couple of things, one of which is righteous anger.

You can download a preview of this DVD on either iTunes or the Zondervan website.

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