The Grand Weaver

I like Ravi Zacharias. I used to regularly listen to his radio show via iTunes. The only other book of his, besides The Grand Weaver I have read, was Recapture the Wonder. I felt the same way about both that book and this book: Dr. Zacharias has excellent things to say, but uses too many words to say them. I think that both books were about 100 pages too long.
That being said, the basic content is very good. In The Grand Weaver, Dr. Zacharias looks at how God uses all the various "threads" of our life (destiny, DNA, calling, worship, among others) to weave a pattern in our life that brings him glory. I have often heard my dad say "you cannot get to where I am from where I began". He says that because only God could weave all his experiences into a pattern which has manifested itself. You may be able to say this yourself. This is the point which Dr. Zacharias makes uses many stories, Scripture and quotes of many writers and speakers.
The most poignant chapter for me was one of the latter ones - "Your Worship Matters". He discusses what worship truly is, what the Trinity and community have to do with worship and, the different aspects of how we worship. It is the longest chapter, but, for me, the most insightful.
Another helpful portion of The Grand Weaver is the appendix in the back of the book. Here, Dr. Zacharias looks at 25 key questions for disciples of Jesus to ponder, and the short answers which he has come up himself. These are a sort of condensed version of the book he co-edited with Norm Geisler, Who Made God?
Overall, The Grand Weaver is a very good message with a feww too many illustrations.

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