When the Game Is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box

My garage has a shelf full of neglected table games. Games played often in my youth and occasionally pulled out for my family when the children were younger. Maybe someday they’ll be of great monetary value . . . but then probably not. They certainly bring back memories of days trying to outplay my mom and dad . . . and two brothers at “Scrabble,” “Sorry,” and the ordained card game of “Rook.”

With comical and poignant real-life stories, the author brings together the extended
game imagery. John Ortberg has a pastoral heart and his writing style is conversational.
As a reader, I like being “talked with” instead of “talked to.” He gently reminds Christ-followers to stop chasing the temporal victories of this world and pursue what is
permanent in God’s kingdom. The key is our perspective. As he says, “when the game
is over, it all goes back in the box.”

The rules of gaming for the Christ-follower’s journey are interwoven into the chapters where he looks at the object of the game, the setup, how to play, the hazards and lastly, winning. The chapter titles will bring a smile to the readers face while the pull quotes
reinforce the direction of each section. I was reminded of Donald Trump’s catch phrase “You’re Fired!” as I read the chapter “Resign as Master of the Board.”

When the Game is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box is a well-penned instruction manual full of wise counsel on the priorities all believers need to embrace.

Personal and group study tools are included which will help the reader take to heart that which is important enough to remember.

An advanced preview copy was read for this review.

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