Identity Theft

Mike Breaux is one of the teaching pastors at WillowCreek. In his new book, Identity Theft, Mr Breaux addresses the issue of who we are. Too often, when we are asked to tell who we are we depend on our jobs, our family, our accomplishments and other such things about us. Those things may be true about us, but they do not get at the heart of who we are.
Mr Breaux looks to four areas ( our relationships, our success, our appearance, and our past) in which we look for identity and shows how God can transform our dependence on those areas and reclaim our identity in him. Mr Breaux believes from both personal experience and from Scripture that each of us is looking for one thing - unfailing love - and we look to the four areas (above) for that unfailing love. However, the only source of unfailing love is Jesus and it is only in getting past our relationships, success, past and appearance that we can find that rest in God.
While there are very good thoughts and important ideas within this little book, it does seem like a sermon put into a book. Mr Breaux has a relaxed writing style and uses a variety of both Scripture and personal story to back up and illustrate his point. I see this as a good book to peruse in a bookstore, or borrow from a friend, but not one to purcahse.

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