LIQUID - Live at Five and Mirror Image

A couple weeks ago I reviewed the Old Testament episodes of Liquid, a new small group DVD curriculum from Thomas Nelson, done by the pastors at Mariner's Church.
I have recently viewed the two New Testament offerings from Liquid - tackling the book of James (Live at Five) and some of Jesus' parables (Mirror Image). From turning off the very first episode to giving the series a second chance, I now have come to really enjoy the series. Basically the format is each DVD contains 5 episodes which cover different portions of the book or subject covered (James and the Parables in this instance) and share the principles through five different but interlocking stories intertwined with teaching from the pastors at Mariner's.
These NT based sessions are quite good and I found them both entertaining, engaging and thought-provoking. This series is an excellent resource for small groups ministry. They are like a hybrid of Nooma and H2O. They are short and stand alone like each of the Nooma studies (however, they do offer much more in the way of study questions and a leader's guide), but they intertwine teaching and story in an engaging fashion, much like H2O.
Here is a trailer they have made for the series:

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