Living the Resurrection

Mr. Peterson's Living The Resurrection is a taste of a forthcoming book called Practice Resurrection. It is a small but very thought-provoking book. According to Peterson, we can live the Resurrection everyday through our work, through our meals & through our friends.
Living The Resurrection points towards the vital importance of Sabbath, the Eucharist & Baptism. These all lead toward what Peterson calls spiritual “formation-by-resurrection.

Sometimes we think that spiritual formation is something that only happens intentionally. Mr. Peterson believes that formation-by-resurrection happens when we least expect it, especially when we are at work. Many of us feel that work is a time, if not take a break from spiritual life, at least not have time for spiritual formation. Mr. Peterson says this is when we are primed for formation-by-resurrection. He shares the resurrection stories in the Gospels & shows how those people were formed by the resurrection.
The other important point Mr. Peterson makes in the volume is that spiritual formation & spiritual leadership are not something to be taken care of by "specialists." We live in a society of specialists. Spirituality is not specialized. It is something every Christian should work at. Paul says that we are"to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose." This isn't something only for the pastors, but for every believer. We all need to dig into Scripture, to "search the Scriptures like the noble Bereans."

In The March of the Penguins, the cameramen show the parents eat food & then bring it back to their young, regurgitating it so their young can live. Many of us live this way, letting the church leadership go to Scripture & get fed, then coming back to us & having it regurgitated into our heads. Let us not become regurgitated Christians. Let us dig into the Word ourselves.
This is an excellent book. I eagerly look forward to the Eerdmans publication Practice Resurrection.

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