The Man Comes Around

A little while ago I went to see the film Walk the Line. It is the story of Johnny Cash & June Carter & their early years. I highly recommend seeing his film. It is quite acurate & very compelling. After seeing the film, I was interested in the "rest of the story". I have been a subscriber to Relevant Magazine for a couple years now & they had been advertising their publication of the Spiritual Journey of Johnny Cash.

This book was entralling. It shows the grace of God working throughout the life of this man. Mr. Cash felt that the Lord was constantly pursuing him & wouldn't let him out of His sight. It was evident that that was the case in reading Mr. Cash's story. God is as relentless as a preditor looking for a prey when it comes to His children. He refuses to let His people go.

The great thing I came away with after reading this book is that regardless of how we mess up - to whatever degree & how frequently - God loves us & will always accept us back.

It is a very quick read & not one of too much depth into Mr. Cash's life. It is a good basic overview of Cash's life & perfect if you don't wish to get into all the dirt of his life. One for a more in depth study would be Steve Turner's The Man Called Cash.

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