I Am Not But I Know I AM

Without a doubt, Louie is a superb communicator. His books are easy to read & this one makes its point clearly. It is advantageous to take the time to reread many of the chapters &/or sections in order to fully understand. Louie's transparency & authenticity draw the reader into his simple, yet profound, reflections. Be sure to invite the Holy Spirit to be involved in your reading time with this title!

The author is inspired by both the non-Kodak, as well as the "WOW," moments of daily life. I Am Not But I Know I AM presents the rich, meaningful lifestyle of being small.

Here's a basic summary of what he's trying to say:
- Everything in this universe is all about God...He is the I AM in an eternal story of life-changing significance.
- Our story is quite brief (in the grand scheme of things) & if we want our lives to count, we should lose ourselves within His story. In other words, stop hogging the spotlight!

Chapter 5, "BEcame" was terrific & easy to devour. The "One-Word Bible Study Method," was also outstanding & definitely worth the time to reread. It's a fresh complement to reading a whole passage of Scripture & hoping for some inspiration.

You will definitely be "put in your place" as you read & listen for the Almighty's still & gentle voice...which is a good place to be! We must continue to die to our independent selves with their pride. As Christ followers, we must think small but not detached! We must think beyond a God who can do things in & though us is a life other than God's life - because it is HIS story!

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This review was submitted by Dale Lewis who works at the EFCA & attends Hope Church in Oakdale, MN.

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