The Gutter

When my wife first saw that I was reading The Gutter, she thought it looked like a book about God's grace reaching down to us & rescuing us from our sin & about God's acceptance no matter what.
In a way, The Gutter is about that. But the method of God delivering from the gutter is you & me. According to Mr. Gross, "The gutter is the place I am least likely or inclined to go because it is a place where people are not like me; they are not Christians."
God calls each of us to reach a select group of people. For some (Mr. Gross) its porn stars & porn addicts; for others its people suffering from homelessness; for still others it people in a nursing home. The idea is to find the gutter God has called you to.
Mr. Gross divids the book into 3 segments. His personal gutter, God's gutter & our gutter. In this work are stories of people who have listened to God's call to get out of our comfort zones & be His love to those who need it.
People just want to be known & loved. Whether they are drug pushers, housewives, or nuns.
This is more than just reaching out to help those in need. This is about having a relational lifestyle, getting into the lives of people. The thing Jesus calls us to (as well as modeled himself) is to love - really love - the unlovely. Who has God called you to love? Where is your gutter?
This book is an excellent start for those looking to find the ministry which God has called them to.
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