Mark Steele has written a few articles in Relevant Magazine, & I always found them full of humor, wit & truth. I started flashBANG, honestly, not expecting too much - for one reason or another. I was dead wrong though. Mr. Steele is quite funny, & is able to turn his past adventures, failures & experience into teachable, timeless truths.
flashBANG reads like a book of essays, in the style of a Daniel Foster Wallace or a Sarah Vowell, but the stories/essays aren't just for the reader's pleasure (& believe me, the reader does get pleasure from these anecdotes), but lead to deep insights into living life Christianly. Mr. Steele is open & vulnerable (which one would expect with the subtitle proclaiming how i got over myself), and I really cannot stress this enough - funny.
The book centers around a few stories alluded to in the opening chapter -
1. When the primary Christmas present was a parakeet
2. The second time she dialed emergency
3. Two out of three Matrix films (actually not spoken about later)
4. When the needle was the size of a McDonald's straw
5. The way I respond to other people's faults as opposed to the way I hope they respond to mine
6. Two-hundred-and-twenty-seven pounds! (also not mentioned further)
7. When I went back into the woods
8. Bad eggs in Iowa

These stories will have you laughing uncontrollably at times, & nodding your head in agreement at the points he makes from them. A great book not only for a easy read, for also for subtle truth.
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