Jesus in the Margins

I really enjoyed Don Miller's second book (Searching for God Knows What). In his books he talks about his church, Imago Dei. So when I saw that this book was written by the pastor of that church, I was pretty excited. But after the second chapter, I felt that I had read it before. Not this book, per se, but the ideas. I read a little further, & every concept was sounding familiar.
Then it hit me. There are different stories, obviously different words, but the concepts were the same. Only it wasn't as well written. The book it is similar to is The Ragamuffin Gospel, by Brennan Manning. I have read this book a number of times (the first in high school) & have really enjoyed each time through.
The material is phenomenal. The basic concept is that God's grace reaches us wherever we are, that His love lifts us out of the darkness & blackness of in & breathes in us new life. A great message (very Pauline), and one quite important for all to hear, from those who are down & out to those who are trying to jump through all the "right" hoops to win God's favor.
I highly recommend all of Mr. Manning's works (especially The Signature of Jesus). Mr. Mckinley's book is a good read, but he is not the writer that Mr. Manning is, nor are the concepts fleshed out as much.

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