When I first came into contact with Chazown, my boss & I watched the DVD included in the book. It contains 12 vinnettes from Mr. Groeschel's church, They are excellent. Similar to Nooma, though not as artsy. They are real, honest looks into the Christian life. A few of them are quite funny, most all of them have a depth to them which deals with some tough issues - drinking, living together, suffering, life's purpose, etc.

As good as those clips were, they are not remotely the good part of this book. Mr. Groeschel has a work here which will revolutionize your life.

In the first part of the book, Mr. Groeschel takes you through finding your mission statement. Through your core values, spiritual gifts, & past experiences, we can find the unique mission God has for us. Mr. Groeschel asks questions which draw you out & really think about the answers. Once you write your life's mission statement, then you come to the second part of the book. In this part, Mr. Groeschel takes you through 5 areas of life which God has a personal Chazown (which is Hebrew for vision) for your life. These areas are:
1. Your relationship with God
2. Your relationship with others
3. Your finances
4. Your health
5. Your work life

Through each of these areas, you will set goals & find the unique vision God has for you. Forthcoming from Mr. Groeschel will be DVD's on each of these areas.

I have heard Mr. Groeschel interviewed & visited his church website & am more & more impressed with his integrity & ministry each time. He is doing some great things & I highly recommend this book & checking out his church website.

You can purchase his book as well as his DVD's discounted here.

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