An Inconvenient Truth

Forget who the author is. Lay aside any political inclinations. This is not a mere political question. This is a moral & ethical question. Are we harming the earth God created & gave us as well as making it a worse place to live for future generations? That is the question I ask myself after reading this book.

The basic premise of the book is that carbon dioxide gets trapped in the atmosphere, not allowing heat to escape & thereby making the planet's core temperature rise. What are some of the implications of this? The ice shelves in the Artic, in Antartica, & in Greenland are melting. If the ice on Greenland & a part of Antartica melts, then the oceans around the globe will rise 20 feet. If that happens, then much of Calcutta (60 million people), Manhattan, South Florida, & others will be under water.

The author shows pictures throughout the book, as well as data collected which shows the situation as dire. The author claims that most scientists do not dispute this evidence. However, I came across this article which states the opposite. I recommend reading the book, seeing the film & informing yourself about the issue. That is the important thing here. Inform yourself. Don't let others spoon feed you their truth. Find it out for yourself.

Now some of the benefits of reading this book is that it has a section in the back on what we can do as individuals to lower our own personal carbon emissions. None of these things are a remotely bad idea. They would actually save us money in the long run anyway. The issue at hand here is are we taking care on the world in which God entrusted us? Whether the author is correct in his statements on global warming or not, it opens up an excellent discussion on how we can be good stewards of God's earth.

If you go to this website, you can see the movie for free.

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