Communicating for a Change

In the latest book from North Point resources, Andy Stanley & Lane Jones (who teamed up with Mr. Stanley for 7 Practices of Effective Ministry) tackle the methodology of preaching & speaking. They present the mode of communication they embody in their churches in two unique ways, again reminiscent of 7 Practices. The first part of the book finds the fictional pastor (Ray - who we came to know & root for in the 7 Practices), in a dilemma in communicating in a memorable & motivating manner. He feels defeated after a sermon where even he got bored. So he calls up Pete, the business man who helped him figure out the 7 Practices. Ray gets flown out to meet a famous speaker & learns the 7 imperatives of good communication.
In part two of the book, Mr. Stanley goes into the philosophy & added description of the 7 Imperatives which Ray learned in part one of the book. These are:
1. Determine Your Goal
2. Pick a Point
3. Create a Map
4. Internalize the Message
5. Engage Your Audience
6. Find Your Voice
7. Start All Over

The idea which the authors are trying to convey is that if you are attempting to change people (through Scripture) then the most effective way (not the only way) is by only having one point when speaking. Also, the first imperative of "determining your goal" is important. If your goal is not to change or motivate people (ie, leadership training, or seminars) than this is not the most effective. Determining your goal will shape the rest of the imperatives.

This is a book I wish had years ago. I found the material quite helpful & challenging. There are more times than I want to remember when somebody asked me about a certain topic of passage & I would be thinking, "I just spoke about that in your chapel a couple weeks ago." If I would have used this method of communicating, then I may have had more impact with what I was saying.

If you are looking to have maximum impact with your messages & would like to say more with less, then this is the resource for you. The authors do their respective parts quite well & it is a great read.
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