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Mark 3.14 says, “He appointed twelve—designating them apostles—that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach”.

This is the model Bo Boshers & Judson Poling of WillowCreek Community Church present in their new book “the be with factor”. Why is there need for a new model within student ministry?
Although students now are deeply spiritual & are looking for truth there are some very disturbing trends. There is an increase in biblical illiteracy; emerging young Christians are confused about what they believe. Only 9% of students believe that moral truths are absolute. 48% of students who claim to be believers believe that if you are generally good, you can earn your way to heaven. Also, 47% of high school graduates who went to church will fall away.

What might be a reason for these statistics? Generally, student ministry looks for two things. 1. Behavior change & 2. Inner change. Since it is easier to measure behavior change, that is what student ministers & staffers mainly focus on.

What can we do about it? Mr. Boshers & Mr. Poling follow Jesus’ example of “being with them” from Mark 3. This is the idea behind mentoring. The student gets to see up close what day-to-day life living in Christ looks like.

Why is this not happening? The authors have noticed a different attitude. Discouragement is setting in to student ministers across the country because there is a desire to be “successful” or “effective” in what they’re doing & more often than not, the measuring stick they are held up to is numbers & programs. This expectation, whether from parents, senior pastors, or themselves is permeating student ministries & shifting focus from inner change to only behavioral change. This mindset pushes the student minister & staffers into becoming managers & program directors. Because of this, they are not getting into students lives & seeing life change.

The be with factor is not just a book outlining what student minister need to do, it is a handbook with guides you through the process. The book helps you understand the process & methodology of mentoring & includes a 50-page guide for launching a mentoring relationship. In conjunction to that, the authors have also put together a student guide for the student who you are mentoring.

You can pick up the the be with factor &/or student guide here for 20% off.

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