Genesis - The NIV Application Commentary

Ever since High School, my dad has been trying to get me to read commentaries. I have always looked at them as reference, not reading, akin to reading the dictionary or the phone book. That perception changed when I cam across the NIV Application Commentary series a few years ago. This series is nothing short of phenomenal. The format makes the reading informational to be sure, but interesting! The authors within this series are also top rate. Genesis features scholar Dr. John Walton.
Dr. Walton (with help of the format of the commentary) blends application with scholarship. I wanted to take my high schoolers through the book of Genesis (they had a woeful knowledge of the Bible, especially the OT). My wife had a copy of Genesis for the Biblically Inept & I had Dr. Walton's commentary. I thought that if I mixed the two that I would be able to form some lessons on Genesis that would be digestible for teens.
After a couple weeks I soon abandoned the Biblically Inept guide & used primarily Dr. Walton's work. The application sections really solidified the text & took the text off the page & helped them (& me) put it into action.
The great format of the NIV Application Commentary allows this for every volume of the series. Each segment of Scripture is broken down into three sections.
1. Original Meaning - this section helps clarify what the text meant in its original context. This is the sections which addresses the way the original audience would have understood the text.
2. Bridging Contexts - the purpose of this section is to help the reader discern what is timeless in the pages of the Bible & what is not. It also shows how that decision has been reached.
3. Contemporary Significance - this section helps you take the eternal truths originally spoken in a different time & culture & apply them to our current situation.

This book - this series - is a great resource to have & one that will serve you well in your personal life & devotion as well as in whatever ministry God has called you to.

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