iMarriage is one of the many small group studies put out by Andy Stanley & Northpoint resources. There is a study guide as well as DVD. Each of these group studies is broken down into 6 sessions which has an a 15-20 minute DVD segment per session. The DVD segments are taken from the sermons series of the same title by Mr. Stanley. The DVD also has the complete messages from the sermon series.
Each session is laid out as follows. Using the study guide, groups read an introductory paragraph or two & then watch the DVD segment. (Also available within the study guide is a overview of what Mr. Stanley talks about, in case you missed watching the DVD or are just using the study guides [not recommended]). Then there are 5-6 questions for group discussion regarding what Mr. Stanley just spoke about. These are followed by an action plan question for the upcoming week. Then there are 5 daily questions for each couple to talk about with one another to keep things in mind.
If you are only going to use one or the other resource, I would recommend the DVD. This has Mr. Stanley's talks as well as the 5-6 group questions which can be shown on screen. Mr. Stanley is quite a good communicator & easily keeps the attention of the listener.

The whole point of iMarriage is that to have a fulfilling, God-honoring marriage, each spouse needs to leave their expectations & put the others desires ahead of their own. We all go into marriage with desires of how we would like things to be. The problem arises when we transfer those (often) good desires into expectations. Mr. Stanley discusses how detrimental this can be to a marriage & what to do about it.

An excellent resource for small groups, but also one which couples can use easily enough together.

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