Silos, Politics & Turf Wars

Last week I attended the WillowCreek Leadership Summit. Patrick Lencioni Spoke regarding his new book Silos, Politics & Turf Wars. I was captivated by the theory Mr. Lencioni spoke about which is that people work better as a team in crisis mode. A good sports team comes together in the late innings, or the last minutes of the game. But how can your team (be it church or other) play with a crisis mentality (without burning/stressing out) everyday?
Having a Thematic Goal is the answer Mr. Lencioni offers. Once you & your leadership team hash out your Thematic goal, then you come up with 4-6 Defining Objectives. These help you achieve your Thematic goal. And of course, you will always have your Standard Operating Objectives which are your everyday tasks & situations you already deal with.
As in Mr. Lencioni's other books, he begins the book with a fable, which tells a story about the issue at hand & then how his model/theory confronts that issue. It is a quick read & one which will be invaluable to your team. In fact, we as a NextStep team will be going through this concept. We felt so strongly about it after hearing Mr. Lencioni speak, that we will be using the theory.
An added benefit of this theory is that it tears down walls (or silos) which come up in churches. Each department can be on the same page & same task, without worrying about politics & departmental squabbles (and if you don't have any -- you need to write a book!)

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