Divine Intervention

In Tony Jones’ new book, Divine Intervention, the reader is led on a journey through the ancient practice of lectio divina. Lectio divina is a method of communicating with God using lectio, meditatio, oratio, & contemplatio. For those not fluent in Latin, basically what we are talking about here is conversing with God by reading (lectio), meditating (meditatio), talking (oratio), & contemplating (contemplatio).

Simply put, the participant reads a passage of Scripture repeatedly (& not just 2-3 times, but more like 15-20 times) & waits for God to bring a word or phrase to mind. Then you chew on that word or phrase, bringing rise any feelings & emotions which come to the surface. Next, you respond to God regarding what He has said to you. Finally you take rest in God & dwell on His word for you. (This is a very brief explanation.)

It all sounds quite eastern & mystical at first, but it is a practice which Christians have employed for centuries. If you are anything like me, you want a deeper, more intimate prayer life, but you have difficulty praying. I know the importance of prayer & why we pray, but I have never been anything close to what people call a prayer warrior. So with that in mind, I was willing to try anything to be more intimately related to my Father. I finished the book & decided to give it a go this morning. Using the steps outlined in the book & a passage suggested at the end of the book, I had an amazing time of communion with God.

Mr. Jones starts off giving some reasons why people use this practice to communicate with God as well as the practice’s history & uses. Mr. Jones then dives in & explains the four basic segments of lectio divina & the object of each one. This is followed by different uses he has had with lectio divina, alone, with his small group & with his church.

The final section of the book offers 12 passages with which the reader may practice lectio divina. These range both testaments, and are as expected as Psalms to as shocking as Leviticus.

If you are looking to converse with God at a deeper level, or just trying to begin a prayer life, I recommend this book to help you. Much about our faith is a mystery, so don’t let the mystical nature of this practice frighten you off. It is well worth the time & effort.

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