Plastic Jesus

Dr. Sandras has a unique voice in his writing. Considered edgy by some, I feel he is merely being authentic & honest about his faith & our culture. In his newest book, Plastic Jesus, Dr. Sandras takes a hard look at comfortable Christianity – what he calls “Spiritual Suburbia.”
Dr. Sandras feels that today’s typical Christian is somewhat like a white-washed tomb, to use imagery from Jesus. We have perfectly manicured lawns, our homes are kept up, we drive powerful cars, & are usually attempting to keep up with the Joneses. However, there is a world of hurt inside those homes & cars. We mask our pain, doubt, suffering, & present ourselves as having everything all put together.
One comment which Dr. Sandras makes which made me stop & ponder it for a while was that we are more interested in information than wisdom. How true is this?! There are billions of pages of information on the internet which we search for & read & look at each day, but does all this information help us make wise? Surely we can make a better informed decision, but do we know if it is a wise choice?
Another thought was that we are subdued in our passion for Christ. I will be the first to admit this. Dr. Sandras makes the point that most of the people which please God; people who make a difference for Jesus, who obviously love God are ones who do not let appearances matter. David dancing naked before the ark of God in the streets of Jerusalem? Very passionate, very uninhibited in his love & expression of that love for God.
Throughout the book, there are moments where Dr. Sandras makes his reader stop & reflect. These segments are called “Stop, Look & Listen.” Here, Dr. Sandras asks two questions to make the reader pause & reflect on how what he has just been reading effects him.
This book will not coddle you & make you feel good about your faith. This book will challenge you & make you really spend time evaluating your faith & the degree of artificiality to it.

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